Bluegill fish are an interesting lot.By the time you are finished with reading this article, you will be much closer to understanding the bluegill and bluegill fishing as a sport.

Even if you are a novice, that doesn’t matter as each and everyone can benefit from these bluegill fishing tips.

Listed below are some of the most comprehensive tips for bluegill fishing. All these tips have been well researched, tried and tested.


Bait for Bluegills

Frankly, there is nothing that the bluegill doesn’t prefer to eat.

Having said that, while the bluegill will strike at virtually anything, there are some types of bait that are better than the others.

Crickets, although not used very widely, are a good option for hunting the bluegill.

Another viable option for bait are wax worms and also beetles. Both of these kinds of bait are extremely effective.


The Right Equipment

The correct fishing rod and the correct fishing line are extremely important when it comes to fishing for bluegills.

As the monster bluegills are quite heavy, you should prefer to use equipment that is small and lightweight.

An ultra-light spinning fishing rod and reel is the best bet for most of the situations.

A monofilament fishing line weighing around 3-4 pounds should work perfectly well unless you run into issues with snagging.


Do Not Feed the Bluegills, Just Catch Them

Bluegills are vicious bait thieves.

This will become more vicious if the Bluegills are not the fish that you were initially looking for.

While fishing for Bluegills, if you are using worms as bait, then you will also need to present the right bait to prevent theft.

Just by threading the worm on the hook will not deter the bluegills but instead will provide easy access to the hook.


Have Patience. Don’t be in a Rush

When using the lures to catch the bluegills, it is crucial to retrieve them slowly.

Bluegills in general prefer eat things that are moving slowly. Bluegills are not accustomed to chasing and hunting their own food.

Hence, you need to keep it slow.

Remember; just make sure that you keep it slow and steady while using lures for bluegills and you will start catching them one after the next.


Size Matters

Size always matters when it comes to fishing for bluegills. The jigs should not be larger than 1/32 of an ounce.

While fishing with live bait, make sure that you use hooks with a size around 8-12.

These simple, yet effective, bluegill fishing tips will go a long way in ensuring that you go home with at least 3-4 bluegills if not more.

Also if you enjoy bluegill on your dinner table then we have a couple of points for you to keep in mind.

Once bluegills get past the nine-inch range, it’s time to practice conservation and let most of them go.

This gives a big bluegill the chance to become a trophy. It’s better to keep some fish between seven and nine inches long for the table.