It’s not very difficult to pick the best fishfinder for the money.

Truth be told, here’s a grimy little secret: make the “cash” part you’re central component, and go from that point!

Give me a chance to clarify: If you need to pose this question, “How can I find the best fishfinder for the money?”, you are most likely a recreational fisherman that’s on a budget but would like to catch more fish, correct?

It’s as simple as that! So let’s get started.

Best Fishfinder for the Money – Least Expensive to Higher End

First off, you have to choose the amount you are willing to spend on a good fishfinder.

You may find the best fishfinder for the money to be $100, or you may want to up your game and go with one for $2000!

To make things more straightforward, we’ve put together this article for purchasing fish finders according to the most used spending range, and given you a review of what you should expect to find regardless of the price range you choose to stay in.

$100 or less

At this price range, you are taking a look at an extremely fundamental fish finder that has only a few limited features such as greyscale screen display and no GPS; however, there are excellent color options such as the Lowrance Elite-3X.

This means that the readings you will get will be fairly accurate and may prove to be a bit hard to determine since greyscale screens for the most part show lesser results.

This makes the Lowrance Elite-3X, with its full color 240×360 screen, an even more attractive buy at this price range.

These fellows will have a low power rating and a lower end transducer, which means the best depth you will get is around 100-150 feet.

The readings will be great, however not fabulous.

Between $100 to $400

There’s a considerable amount of choices in this price range.

At the lower end, you can find some of Humminbird’s Piranha Max models, similar to the 176i and 196ci, which will get you depths of around 100-200 feet, and give restricted GPS capacity as well.

There are no maps, however you can set waypoints and tracks that you can explore to and from.

The main difference between the 176i and the 196ci is that the 176i has a greyscale screen.

$400 and up

This price level is the “sweet spot” that combines all the best innovation and features into the ultimate fish finders.

If your wallet permits and you are serious about improving your ability to catch more fish, I highly suggest that you find a model at this price level.

By and large, these models will all have color and shading screens, for the most part 5 creeps, a high power rating (for more depth), inner GPS with conventional maps (and the capacity to extend), and a few models will have Down Imaging/Down Scan SONAR.

With these models, you are taking a look at depths of no less than 500 feet.

A fish finder at this price level is beneficial for you in the event that you are a professional (or even an avid fisherman) that needs the best fish finder for the money.

An advanced fish finder will connect with everything on your boat from SONAR to GPS to notwithstanding observing fuel levels in your engine/motor.

At $600-700, you will get an essential model, and as you go higher in cost, you’ll find bigger and bigger screens with more propelled peripherals.

Screen size is unimaginably critical!

Despite the fact that the distinction may appear like maybe a couple inches, since it’s deliberate corner to corner, the general size is definitely diverse.

To get a thought of how enormous fish finder screens are, be sure to check out our fish finder reviews to find the best fish finder for the money.

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