Fishing is a regular sport enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Pike fishing is especially popular because of the pike’s aggressive attitude, huge size and wicked grin. Pike fishing is usually most suitable in the Spring. Here, we aim to provide the best pike fishing tips ever compiled.


  1. Begin Early

There are many local regulations for fishing, and so there are regulations for pike fishing too. These regulations are drafted in order to let people enjoy fishing without challenging the population of pike fish. So, as long as you adhere to these regulations, you should start fishing for pike as soon as you can. The large northern pike fish can generally be found in the shallow waters enjoying the sun, while the rest of the lake is still snow covered. This would be the perfect time for you to get into action and start enjoying your sport. Also, ensure that you are adequately camouflaged and approach slowly.


  1. Pick Shallow Bays

A good pike fishing tip would be to take a trip to your favorite lake early on in the Spring season well before the lake snow has completely melted off. Choose bays on the northern side of the lake with dark bottoms as these tend to warm up first and are most likely to breed the pike fish during Spring time. Also, choose those bays which are abundant with green weed as the pike use these green weeds for their cover and due to the warmer temperatures that they provide.



  1. Flowing Water

Water inlets and feeder cracks are the most preferred spots for pike fishing during the Spring. Both the pike as well as its prey are attracted to the warm oxygenated water. Pike also move into the current in lieu of the easy meal that is preoccupied with mating.


  1. Track the Optimal Temperature

Recent studies have proved that the optimal temperature for pike is between 66o to 69o. Keep a look out for this water temperature around the shallow bays and keep searching for weed beds that the pike may be using to hide.


  1. Choice of Lure

The best viable option of a lure for pike fishing would be suspending jerk bait. While jerking the lure, leave several pauses of a minute or less. Also, pause and wait in case of any missed strikes.


Large jerk baits which are soft and plastic also do work extremely well around weeds where hooks may cause some trouble. Jerk them over the tops of weeds and allow them to slowly fall in any pockets. Another good plastic bait can be fished in a similar manner is a large lizard.


By using the above pike fishing tips you’ll be able to catch more pike in no time.