In this article, we try to provide you with some of the most useful lake trout fishing tips which will help you land more trout on your next fishing trip. Lake trout are easy to identify from other trout fish by their color variation, which is normally yellowish to white spots on their dark green body.


Lake trout prefer to live in large lakes that are deep with cold water. Lake trout can be generally found during the fall season, although this can be affected by the location of the lake and weather patterns.

Our lake trout fishing tips have been tried and tested and have proved their worth in all conditions.

  1. Choosing the Perfect Waters

The depth at which you choose to go fishing for lake trout is extremely crucial. The lake trout fish prefer cold waters and hence you need to go as deep as possible. In the summers, it is difficult to determine the depth as the lake trout prefer to stay in the thermal layers at around 53 degrees or in shallow holes with a natural spring. Using a good fish finder can help you with determining depth.


  1. Choose The Right Type of Lure

The type of lure that you use when fishing for lake trout is crucial. Some of the factors that you need to take into consideration while choosing your lure should be – the average size of the lake trout population, the depth of the lake, the current season, and the available bait fish that you are using. The best lures are often those which replicate the native bait fish. So be sure that you are aware of the local fish available in the lake where you are fishing.



  1. Work Out Your Odds

In most cases, the lake trout fish prefer to stay together in the same area. This is the case even when they are not schooling fish. Hence, this can be the most important lake trout fishing tip for you. If you happen to stumble upon a lake trout fish and manage to catch it, consider yourself extremely lucky.

There are very high chances that if you stick to that area, you will probably find many more lake trout fish. Stay in the area and the chances are that you will be most likely to catch yet another.


  1. Use Live Bait

When it comes to using baits, nothing beats the live bait. For a lake trout, the best live bait would be nightcrawlers. Along with these nightcrawlers, there are several other options though which you should try. You could probably use minnows and even salmon eggs. The size of the minnows is also important to your efforts. They should be medium to large sized, although not too large.


  1. Use The Right Type of Fish Finder

A fish finder can be an expensive piece of equipment for a beginner but they are definitely worth the investment once you find the proper one. A fish finder can greatly increase your chances of finding the good old lake trout and landing a good one. Check out our Fish Finder Buying Guide to help you decide what’s best. The fish finder can also assist you with lots of other techniques such as help you decide what kind of bait fish and at what depth the lake trout are currently resting at. However, a fish finder is only useful as long as you are fishing from a boat.


Apply these five lake trout fish finding tips, the next time you head out on the water, and you’ll be certain to make it a great day for fishing.