Garmin echo 301dv Review

Garmin Echo 301dv Fish FinderGarmin echo 301dv Worldwide with Transducer

The Garmin echo 301dv fish finder combines advanced HD-ID and DownVü scanning sonar one powerful, simple-to-use 3.5″ fish finder. Included is an all-in-one transducer for both HD-ID 77/200 kHz and DownVü sonar capabilities. Enjoy the clearest sonar picture of fish returns and virtual photographic structure detail. Smooth Scaling graphics provide uninterrupted imagery when switching between depth range scales. The echo 301’s 2,400W PTP power scans as deep as 1,500′. Narrow-to-wide viewing cone angles allow you to target fish in deep or shallow water. Includes quick release tilt/swivel mount and transom and low-profile trolling motor transducer mounts.

The Garmin echo 301dv comes packed with all the usual Garmin goodies like HD-ID technology which interprets which SONAR readings are most likely to be fish and shows them as little icons instead of lines. It also has standard fish finder features like depth alarms, image enhancing, and comes with a temperature and speed sensor, too.

Garmin echo 301dv is a very accurate and powerful sonar. With the Ultrascroll technology users can capture clear imagery as the boat approaches higher speeds. The Smooth Scaling feature keeps all images stable and clear as the scanning range shifts from deep to shallow water. Wide-angle viewing is available if you want to expand your point of observation. The narrow to wide viewing cone angles permit anglers to target fish in shallow or deep water. This is in addition to greater target separation in both saltwater and freshwater situations. Echo 301c version can purchased with or without a transducer and supports a number of Garmin and Airmar transducers with 50/77/200 kHz frequencies.

UltraScoll, Fish Symbol ID, AutoGain Technology and More! Garmin has taken what you have come to expect in their fishfinder and enhanced it with DownVu Technology. DownVu provides you with the clearest view of fish returns and structure in near photographic detail down to 750 feet with traditional sonar reaching depths of 1,750 feet (Dependent on water conditions and clarity.) Plus narrow to wide view cone angles provide even more detail beyond the sides of your boat. Quick Installation and easy operation makes this a top choice for any angler.

Garmin Echo 301dvGarmin has also introduced something called Smooth Scaling which helps maintain a proper picture even when you switch from one frequency to the other, so you don’t lose sight of that fish you were tracking!

The only caveat with 1,750 feet of depth is that all of that will be scrunched up onto a tiny 3.5 inch screen. Usually, you won’t fish in more than 60-100 feet of water, so getting a fish finder solely because “it can see so deep” is falling for manufacturer gimmicks.

Instead, go for the Garmin echo 301dv because of it’s excellent SONAR quality – users of the Echo 300 would never go back to anything else, and the echo 301dv follows in its elder brother’s footsteps.

Echo 301dv uses the same QVGA color display display as its predecessor. The display provides 240×320 resolution, has 3.5 inch diagonal size and is crisp and readable in sunlight. The fishfinder comes with low profile trolling motor and swivel/tilt quick release transom mounts, which make the installation very easy. Protective cover is not included and needs to be purchased separately. If you want to convert your echo 301 to a portable fishfinder you need to purchase the portable kit. The kit includes soft carrying case, base/handle, suction cup transducer mount, power cable, battery and charger.

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Garmin echo 301dv Review
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