Garmin echoMAP 50Dv Review

Garmin Echo Map 50Dv Fish FinderThe Garmin echoMAP 50dv has a 5-inch display, which provides VGA-quality imaging. Built into the echoMAP 50dv is Garmin’s trademarked High-Definition Identification target tracking technology. Better known as HD-ID, it provides a super clear image of the area under the boat. Garmin echoMap 50dv combines HD-ID with the DownVü scanning sonar, which provides a virtually photographic view of structure in the water.

With the integration of a 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver, the 50s refreshes position and heading up to 10 times per second. It displays constant and fluid on-screen location and proves to be incredibly accurate when marking waypoints and navigating.

The higher update frequency results in more fluid boat movement display. Also included is sonar-recording capability for coordinating the timing of the sonar return with your boat’s position. You can playback your sonar recording on a PC with HomePort software or send it wirelessly to an Apple device equipped with BlueChart Mobile software.

In addition to the integrated receiver, echoMAP 50s also allows for sonar recording. This feature coordinates the timing of the sonar return in relation to the boat’s position — so every one of the available 5,000 waypoints will be accurate and precise. It’s an absolute must when locating and pinpointing the next hot fishing spot.

The Garmin echoMAP 50dv comes pre-loaded LakeVu HD map package, which provides details of 17,000-plus US lakes; or the BlueChart g2 coastal map package. The 50dv is capable of storing up to 5,000 waypoints and 100 routes. It also has a track log capacity of 50,000 points, with 50 saved tracks.

Included with echoMAP 50s is a dual-beam transducer that transmits a 77/200 kHz signal. It also has wireless connectivity capability, giving you the opportunity to connect and access marine-specific apps via smartphone or tablet.

Garmin Echo Map 50Dv Fish Finder

Garmin DownVu scanning sonar provides a nearly photographic view of fish and structure under the boat.

Garmin echoMAP 50Dv Review
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