Humminbird HELIX 5 DI Review

Humminbird HELIX 5 DI
Catch more fish on your next freshwater or saltwater outing thanks to the sonar features of the Humminbird HELIX 5 DI. The fish finder utilizes DualBeam/Down imaging, that is filtered with SwitchFire technology.

The latter permits you to adjust the sensitivity to right tune the returns that show on the 5 “LED-backlit display.

This system has RMS electronic energy output of 500W, and a peak to peak output of 4000W, which permits the unit to give a perfect representation of the bottom down to 350 (DI) and 600 (2D).

The transom-mounted transducer specs multiple coverage angles of 75, 45, 28, and 16 @ -10b, so that you can manage the coverage to suit depth and angling situations for the top returns.

With an internal GPS antenna, you will forever know where you are and how quick you are going. Mark waypoints for areas or structures where you have angling achievement and return to them at a later date.

Built-in UniMap cartography covers the nearby United States coastline, inland rivers and lakes at thirty meters per pixel resolution.

Load possible cartography using the micro SD card slot for access to top resolution maps of waterways across North America.

Features of Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI

Display color:  256

Display Type: Color TFT

Display Size: 800 X 480

Sonar: Standard Standard: DualBeam/Down imaging Plus Sonar Coverage: 75,45,28,16 @ -10db

Sonar frequency: 455/200/800/455 KHz

Transducer Mount: Transom

Power Output: RMS 500 W, Peak to Peak 4000W

Temperature Sensor: Yes

Cable Length Transducer: 20/6.1m

Stored Routes: 45

Stored Waypoints: 2500

GPS Logger: Yes

GPS Tracking: Yes

GPS Support: Built-in


  • Gimbal or optional in dash-amount
  • Can be configured to present charts, sounder readings, or both
  • X-Press menu system
  • Selective fish ID+
  • Freeze Frame
  • Temperature Alarm
  • Custom digital readout
  • Custom view selection
  • Large digit view
  • 3D Chart view
  • Split screen bottom lock
  • Split screen
  • Sonar recording
  • Screen snap shot
  • Display provider clear color, bright images for simple viewing in hard sunlight
  • 5 “diagonal LED-backlit display
  • Shows temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit


  • Optional cartography available
  • UniMap cartography covers the important USA coastlines, inland rivers and lakes
  • Saves up to forty five routes
  • Saves up to 2750 way points
  • GPS antenna built into the head unit


  • Clear mode uses algorithms to neglect interference
  • SwitchFire permits you to select between max and clear mode to filter out noise or show more detail
  • DualBeam/Down imaging plus makes high resolution images

Humminbird HELIX 5 DI

This Humminbird HELIX 5 DI will surely get the good job done.

Humminbird HELIX 5 DI Review
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