The panfish is the most abundantly available fish in the ice lakes. Ice fishing involves a routine that is different, but constant. Once you catch some fish, the action slows down or entirely stops. The fish then either change depths or holes.

Here we have prepared a comprehensive list of ice fishing tips and techniques which can help you get better luck the next time you go ice fishing.

  1. Vertical to Horizontal.

The style of the jig is as important as the color. When the fish stoops biting vertical jigs, switch to a jig that hangs horizontally such as a jig bobber.


  1. Line Twist.

Fish becomes accustomed to the presentation on moving the jig up and down and hence they stop reacting to it. Try changing and varying the pace. This will cause the jig to spin in the water while remaining in the same depth. Also, another motion to try out is to try moving the jig around in a circular perimeter without varying the depth a lot. Fish have normally proven to respond to this technique well in icy waters.


  1. Bait to plastic.

Alternating between live baits and finesse plastic lures is a viable strategy to a successful catch. Finesse plastic jigs are also excellent search jigs and perform relevantly good in clear water.


  1. Bounce the Bottom.

By allowing the jig to periodically bouncing the bottom, the sound and the debris attached to the jig will attract some fish the jig. Occasionally it is also a good idea to let the jig rest on the bottom of the lake for some time. When the fish will take the bait, it will rise with the jig and cause the bobber to rise up too.


Try chumming for an added advantage. Drop some wax worms, spikes or even minnows down the hole after crushing them. This will attract more fish to your area and hence will improve your striking rate.


  1. Change Sizes.

The problem with ice fishing is that after some time the action will slow down or stop. This is the ripe time for changing colors and changing the size of your jig. This can be done both the ways – from smaller to bigger and from larger to smaller.


  1. Set the Rod Down.

A simple way to catch a couple of extra fish is to set the rod down and allow the bait to sit totally still. Do not hold the rod in your hand even if you think you can hold it steady because the fish can easily sense the vibrations. Place the rod down or on a stand for better outcomes.


  1. Cover the Hole.

In waters and lakes that are clear, shallow or even stained, covering the holes to block out light will go a long way.

Ice fishing requires you to have several new and innovative tricks up your sleeve. So, the next time that you are on the ice, and are unsuccessful in catching one, try some of these tips and let us know if you catch one.


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